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Wordless Wednesdays

I’m trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon, so I’m going to institute Wordless Wednesdays. If you’ve never heard of these its just a photo post with no text.

It’ll be a chance to show you what is going on or what I see around me. A chance to practice with my camera. (and also a quick weekly post)

That’s a lot of words to explain future wordlessness, huh?

yellow lilly


I love raspberries. I love the way you can smell them on a warm summer breeze, that first day they’re ripe.


It turns out I love sharing those first summer raspberries for the very first time even more.

raspberries shared


I bought strawberries at the farmstand last saturday. To make jam.


And I pulled last year’s grapes out of the freezer for jelly. I even managed to get them through the squeezo!

Now they sit in the fridge, waiting for the next step*. But so far, I haven’t found the time to sterilize jars…

*Well, the grape juice is waiting. The strawberries seem to be disappearing…

rookie mistake

My house has a complete roof again, so that’s nice. The siding is being stained and painted (before it’s delivered, hooray!)

In the mean time, I’m working on a more yarny project:


This is my skein of Periwinkle Sheep’s Wink yarn (with silver sparkle!) And I’m working up a slightly modified (gasp) version of Jovia by Corrina Ferguson. It’s a little garter-stitch-and-lace crescent shawl. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, but I wanted to use fingering. Everything was going smoothly until I “finished” the garter stitch body and it was about 3 inches tall.

I have only myself to blame, since I did neither a gauge swatch, nor math, before starting. Turns out sizes change when you change gauge (shocker). I maybe should have considered that, right? I could have cast on more stitches, worked more short rows, and avoided ending up in this pickle.

Instead I’m randomly working a bunch of increases at each edge every row to continue the general feel and shape of the shawlette. I hope. When I feel like I’ve used up enough yarn I’ll start the lace. The big question is when to start the lace so I’ll still have enough yarn left – but without ending up with lots of extra yarn.

I could probably do more math, but if you think that’s unlikely you’re probably right. What could go wrong?


Wait, what happened to June?

Quickly now:
– I started some new knitting! I find I actually work on it because I’m not bored of this project yet.

- We’re also working on some house projects
House in progress
And by “we” I do mean us. I spent the weekend tearing off punky siding with my ever-helpful family. We did hire some guys for the roofing.

- It’s about 90F and 90% humidity out there. So of course we’re going camping.

- I’m sure we’ll learn how much Windsor likes lakes.

- At least the heat is good for my garden.

- I have even more gladioli than last year. Funny how that works.


Here’s so photographic proof that I have something in my garden besides garlic!

bok choy

And someone who is 8 months old!


No proof has yet been found of knitting. I had a friend over and we did lots of talking but no knitting. I rode in the car for 6 hours and didn’t knit. It occurs to me that I might need a more engaging project…


It’s Monday and I can honestly say I’m unsure when the last time I knit occurred… So let’s have a random life update, list style:

We’re doing some major home improvements this summer: siding and the roof. It’ll look great when it’s done but organizing the project is taking up all my “free” time.

Windsor is so close to crawling. Did you know babies have a stage where they try but just slide backward instead of moving forward? It’s cute but it makes her so angry.

I finally got something besides garlic planted in my garden. Two kinds of beans, book choy, and lettuce.

I’m considering turning over a third of my garden to sunflowers. I simply have no time to weed.

Believe it or not, I miss weeding.

just dandy

It’s dandelion season! Lots of people will tell you you can eat dandelions.


But how many people give you recipes?

dandys fried

Well, not yet, this one is still in testing. But it’s just one example of the recipes we’ll be including in our cooking and knitting book. Are you excited yet?


Last fall we learned our back yard was about 4 feet shorter than we thought. See, when we bought this house one of the four corners of the lot had never been fully surveyed. Our neighbors had their land surveyed last fall. Et voila, the back yard is actually smaller than we all had thought.


So this weekend I cut a nice, straight garden bed through the lawn. Who needs more lawn anyway? The trough will hold the gladiola-of-doom collection and we’re putting a straw bale garden bed in, in front of them.

straw bale

We need a low-maintenance garden this year what with all the other house projects going on. The bales will kill the grass, and next year they’ll compost a wide back garden bed. Now we just need a few shrubs and some perennials, all transplanted from elsewhere in the yard, and soon our back yard will be gorgeous. And also all on our property (details.) Where was Windsor during this spring-fever day?


She was with her favorite person.

Not how they usually look

The pencil by the egg tray was meant for dating the eggs as we collected them. We get a lot of eggs this time of year, and it can help to know which ones are oldest.

egg crew

But Neil got bored, and this happened.


And my breakfasts have taken on a slightly murderous feel…