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sun beam


hats in progress

The book is in Cooperative Press’s capable hands now! That’s not to say I’m all done- not by a long shot. But I’m mostly done with writing, editing, and drawing charts. It didn’t take me long to decide on my next project either. I’m working on a trio of hats!

hat yarns

Actually, I’ve been working on them for awhile, behind the scenes. The brown hat was knit last winter and the purple hat was the thing on the needles when I was spending all my computer time on that book (ok, just one of the things) The gray hat is my current project! Each hat has a unique cable running through a panel of seed stitch. The rest of the hat is plain stockinette, making the whole project fun without being overwhelming.

As with all my indie designs I’m hoping for a fast turn around on these beauties, with any luck (and the cooperation of a baby) they’ll be released in September, just in time for autumn knitting! Each pattern will be available individually, and I’m also planning to collect them into an e-book. If you’ve signed up for my newsletter you’ll get word the moment they’re released AND a coupon code for a release week sale!

If you’re not signed up yet, please do! Just click here to find the signup form. I promise never to misuse your info. I’ll just be sending monthly knitterly goodness.


My “new” slippers have worn out soles. Ravelry shows the problem – they’re not actually new… Appears they were new back in December of 2012… I thought I knew the options – knit new soles, needle felt over the holes, buy some leather soles and sew them on. But I wanted the cushiness of wool, and the speed of sewing. So when I found these wool boot liners in a local store I had the perfect solution:

fixing slippers

The patch is easy and quick, and I have one and a half slippers done already.. But I’m not quick enough, because my little helper gets into EVERYTHING these days…

crafting issues


meanwhile in the garden

drying garlic


too busy for photography…

final days


Remember those frozen grapes?


They weren’t the focus of that post or of that photo. But they’re back! For this jelly I put the grapes through the squeeze-o, so it’s somewhere between a jam and a jelly. After all that work I left the juice in the fridge for almost a week… That wasn’t part of plant but it turned out okay.

grape jelly jars

When I finally found time to make jam I started looking for recipes and discovered that I maybe shouldn’t have added water to the squeezo to get all the pulp through (reason #2 this is somewhere between jam and jelly) So I kinda had to make things up as I went along… So, 1 quart of pulp/juice/water, plus 2 cups of sugar. (a bit of a guess, but it seemed a safe amount because that’s about how much puree I had originally.) The pectin was the real trick, turns out buying it in bulk means I never know how much to use when recipes always call for “1 packet.” So I guessed (are you sensing a theme?) and added 3 tablespoons.

grape jelly bubbling

But it worked! After about 10 minutes of boiling we had a successful crinkle test. And once in jars the jam set up gorgeously. It’s a deep purple, sweet and a little spicy from the who-knows-what grapes. It’s not crystal clear, I won’t be winning any awards at the fair for this jelly. But in flavor? It’s perfect.

grape jelly


Top chicken

chief roo

Wordless Wednesdays

I’m trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon, so I’m going to institute Wordless Wednesdays. If you’ve never heard of these its just a photo post with no text.

It’ll be a chance to show you what is going on or what I see around me. A chance to practice with my camera. (and also a quick weekly post)

That’s a lot of words to explain future wordlessness, huh?

yellow lilly


I love raspberries. I love the way you can smell them on a warm summer breeze, that first day they’re ripe.


It turns out I love sharing those first summer raspberries for the very first time even more.

raspberries shared


I bought strawberries at the farmstand last saturday. To make jam.


And I pulled last year’s grapes out of the freezer for jelly. I even managed to get them through the squeezo!

Now they sit in the fridge, waiting for the next step*. But so far, I haven’t found the time to sterilize jars…

*Well, the grape juice is waiting. The strawberries seem to be disappearing…