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Officially one

Somebody is officially one year old this month!


We had a little family party over the weekend. Just a few presents and some bunting. We got everything set up while she was down for her nap. Daddy got her a push-toy with alligators that clack when it moves. I managed to finish dolly and her clothes on time. And of course there were several new books – she loves books. She only sort of picked up on tearing the paper, but she loved pulling things out of gift bags (she’s at a “putting things in boxes and taking them out again” stage right now.)

After some time spent enjoying her new toys she started to get hungry. So we had a quick nursing session, and then it was time for cake!

cake 3

Cake was a hit.





My current crafting project is a hybrid. I started with something boughten, added some embroidery, some crochet (yes, crochet!) and there’s more sewing imminent. There will even be some knitting before I’m done.

dolly wig

What is this thing? It’s a waldorf doll. I didn’t want to make one from scratch (I hate sewing jersey fabric) so I found an etsy store (WildMarigold) where I could buy one – actually just a naked doll body. I got to embroider the face myself. Then I taught myself single crochet so I could make the wig cap, and add the hair. Now I’m sewing an outfit. And yes – dolly will need a sweater. Can I get it all done before October 6th? We’ll find out!

W and the squash

I hope the soon-to-be birthday girl will love it as much as she loves hanging out in the garden with me. Which, for the record, she does!


turning golden


Jovia FO

I finished up my jovia shawl; finishing a little crescent shawlette has never felt like such an accomplishment. But actually finding the time to knit another pattern just for fun doesn’t happen often.

jovia back

This little shawl taught me a new method for starting. It casts on about a third of the total stitches and then does some super-fancy increases in the very first row. This gives a firm top edge from which the lace cascades down (or in this case, garter and lace).

jovia corner

This is the shawl I started with a different yarn, and didn’t compensate for the change in gauge until I was a third of the way through. Luckily the increases I added on the tips worked just fine. Then I started the bind off only to discover I didn’t have nearly enough yarn. I decided a different color would give the shawl a frosted look. Luckily I have some white sock yarn with silver threads that perfectly matched this purple yarn with silver glitter. Not that you can see the sparkle in any of the photos…

jovia aside


Queen Anne’s Lace

queen annes lace


I’m really excited to release the final hat pattern from my Hats All Day trio! Sundown was available on Ravelry yesterday. But yesterday got crazy, so you’re getting this post today…

sundown hero

As with the first two this PDF is $5.

The ebook containing all 3 patterns is $9, and you can find the complete Hats All Day collection here.

sundown direct

When Sunup went live this hat was hot off the needles, and the pattern was a collection of scribbled notes. I’m so very proud to say I finished it on schedule, although I couldn’t have done it all without my tech editor, Margot’s, help. Not to mention all the support Neil provides, helping with Windsor and packing lunches so I can finish writing up patterns.

This hat is inspired by the billowing, glowing clouds of sunset. I really wanted to capture some during the photo shoot. But I realized that even if I got lucky to have a good sunset when I had time to take the pictures – that it’d be much too dark for anyone to see the hat well. Some things just don’t work in real life the way they might in our imaginations.

sundown crown

More moon!

Turns out moon photography is hard (right? there I go stating the obvious again) I think last night’s photos would have been better with the kit lens that came with my camera, because a little zoom might have helped. Instead I used the 50mm lens because I thought I needed to let a lot of light in – because night is dark. Makes sense, except that the moon wasn’t dark last night, and it was just a white disc in all the pictures.

Since the harvest moon is (by definition) at the horizon right at sunset, and sunrise, I had another chance this morning:

almost full

The added sunlight filling the predawn sky actually balanced the moon pretty well.

harvest moon predawn

These still aren’t perfect, I could have had a better plan, or spent more time composing them. But for photos taken jumping out of the car during my commute to work they came out pretty well!

harvest moon at dawn


Harvest moon

Harvest moon


The second of my little hat collection is ready for you today! Sunhigh is available to favorite, queue, and download on Ravelry.

noon hero

The PDF so you can knit your own is just $5.

The eBook, Hats All Day, is $9 – and will contain all three hats from this collection. The PDF will be updated again next week when the third hat comes out.

This hat was designed a bit on the fly. I made it back in July while 110% of my brain power was directed toward finishing the book. Whic means that my note taking was abysmal. My tech editor, Margot, deserves extra credit for sticking with this one and not just telling me to come back once I had my act together.

noon head on

But I hope you’ll agree the results are worth it! A blossoming cable travels up the side of this hat. And the scrunchy crown is made simply by eliminating the even rows between the decrease rows in a standard hat crown.

A final note, the yarn I chose (out of my stash) for this hat is a discontinued merino/cashmere blend. I’m recommending knitpicks Capra as a substitute. The main features of this yarn are:
DK weight
made up of many smaller plies
excellent stitch definition
extremely soft

So if you’re subbing in something else look for good stitch definition in a multi-plied yarn. And as always, check your gauge.

noon crown