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Jovia FO

I finished up my jovia shawl; finishing a little crescent shawlette has never felt like such an accomplishment. But actually finding the time to knit another pattern just for fun doesn’t happen often.

jovia back

This little shawl taught me a new method for starting. It casts on about a third of the total stitches and then does some super-fancy increases in the very first row. This gives a firm top edge from which the lace cascades down (or in this case, garter and lace).

jovia corner

This is the shawl I started with a different yarn, and didn’t compensate for the change in gauge until I was a third of the way through. Luckily the increases I added on the tips worked just fine. Then I started the bind off only to discover I didn’t have nearly enough yarn. I decided a different color would give the shawl a frosted look. Luckily I have some white sock yarn with silver threads that perfectly matched this purple yarn with silver glitter. Not that you can see the sparkle in any of the photos…

jovia aside


I’m really excited to release the final hat pattern from my Hats All Day trio! Sundown was available on Ravelry yesterday. But yesterday got crazy, so you’re getting this post today…

sundown hero

As with the first two this PDF is $5.

The ebook containing all 3 patterns is $9, and you can find the complete Hats All Day collection here.

sundown direct

When Sunup went live this hat was hot off the needles, and the pattern was a collection of scribbled notes. I’m so very proud to say I finished it on schedule, although I couldn’t have done it all without my tech editor, Margot’s, help. Not to mention all the support Neil provides, helping with Windsor and packing lunches so I can finish writing up patterns.

This hat is inspired by the billowing, glowing clouds of sunset. I really wanted to capture some during the photo shoot. But I realized that even if I got lucky to have a good sunset when I had time to take the pictures – that it’d be much too dark for anyone to see the hat well. Some things just don’t work in real life the way they might in our imaginations.

sundown crown

hung up

Little Miss is suddenly very mobile! She’s started crawling and pulling up in the last two weeks – and suddenly my long-term habit of leaving my knitting project in a basket (bag, box, pile…) on the floor by the couch is not working. Her little fingers can undo a neatly wound hank or ball of yarn faster than I can react.

A solution was needed, something to get the yarn up, off the ground.

hanging yarn

Turns out that old fruit basket is perfect!

hats in progress

The book is in Cooperative Press’s capable hands now! That’s not to say I’m all done- not by a long shot. But I’m mostly done with writing, editing, and drawing charts. It didn’t take me long to decide on my next project either. I’m working on a trio of hats!

hat yarns

Actually, I’ve been working on them for awhile, behind the scenes. The brown hat was knit last winter and the purple hat was the thing on the needles when I was spending all my computer time on that book (ok, just one of the things) The gray hat is my current project! Each hat has a unique cable running through a panel of seed stitch. The rest of the hat is plain stockinette, making the whole project fun without being overwhelming.

As with all my indie designs I’m hoping for a fast turn around on these beauties, with any luck (and the cooperation of a baby) they’ll be released in September, just in time for autumn knitting! Each pattern will be available individually, and I’m also planning to collect them into an e-book. If you’ve signed up for my newsletter you’ll get word the moment they’re released AND a coupon code for a release week sale!

If you’re not signed up yet, please do! Just click here to find the signup form. I promise never to misuse your info. I’ll just be sending monthly knitterly goodness.

rookie mistake

My house has a complete roof again, so that’s nice. The siding is being stained and painted (before it’s delivered, hooray!)

In the mean time, I’m working on a more yarny project:


This is my skein of Periwinkle Sheep’s Wink yarn (with silver sparkle!) And I’m working up a slightly modified (gasp) version of Jovia by Corrina Ferguson. It’s a little garter-stitch-and-lace crescent shawl. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn, but I wanted to use fingering. Everything was going smoothly until I “finished” the garter stitch body and it was about 3 inches tall.

I have only myself to blame, since I did neither a gauge swatch, nor math, before starting. Turns out sizes change when you change gauge (shocker). I maybe should have considered that, right? I could have cast on more stitches, worked more short rows, and avoided ending up in this pickle.

Instead I’m randomly working a bunch of increases at each edge every row to continue the general feel and shape of the shawlette. I hope. When I feel like I’ve used up enough yarn I’ll start the lace. The big question is when to start the lace so I’ll still have enough yarn left – but without ending up with lots of extra yarn.

I could probably do more math, but if you think that’s unlikely you’re probably right. What could go wrong?


Wait, what happened to June?

Quickly now:
– I started some new knitting! I find I actually work on it because I’m not bored of this project yet.

- We’re also working on some house projects
House in progress
And by “we” I do mean us. I spent the weekend tearing off punky siding with my ever-helpful family. We did hire some guys for the roofing.

- It’s about 90F and 90% humidity out there. So of course we’re going camping.

- I’m sure we’ll learn how much Windsor likes lakes.

- At least the heat is good for my garden.

- I have even more gladioli than last year. Funny how that works.

I’m gonna be knitting these things forever

I may be knitting diaper covers forever, but at least I can make them look cute!

embroidered cover

The adorable wearer helps

embroidered cover 2

Stitch by stitch

Knitting is, and always has been, done stitch by stitch. This teaches us patience and helps us see how many little actions can grow into a much greater good.

But that virtue may be lost on those of us who get speedy. I got a little cocky knitting 12 sweaters in 2012 (plus other projects.) I moved on from that to knitting an entire book, right?

Then life changes, my knitting time decreased, and again I find myself learning the benefits of even just a few stolen stitches in the cracks between time.

herringbone stretch

A few stitches here, an extra round there, and eventually I finished a pair of socks!

herringbone heel

It helps that I picked up halfway through the second sock… I knit the first 1.5 in two days during a conference. I knit the last half over the course of two months, mostly during pumping breaks at work.

herringbone toes

Now that they’re done I have them squirreled away. These will be Neil’s first father’s day present. (luckily he doesn’t read this)

a little sunshine

It’s been an awfully gray spring so far. But I have knit a little something sunshine-y:


For my little ray of sunshine (d’awww… Ok, I’ll stop)

This adorably cute sweater is Entrechat by Lisa Chemery. It’s a very quick knit with clever, seamless construction. I knit this in two weeks, and I have almost no knitting time anymore! The shoulders are knit first, then stitches are picked up for the front which makes the whole sleeves/button placket thing work beautifully. It’s a good sweater for that one pretty button, too:

sunshine trim

The whole thing took less than one skein of Knitpicks Swish, which is good because I was using up a partial skein leftover from something else. That was the inspiration for the contrasting bind off (I thought I was going to run out of yarn) and then I added little picot tips to the bind off because picots make everything cuter! Note that I still have leftover yarn and could totally have worked the whole thing in one color if I wanted to…

sunshine back

more mittens

These are the mittens that took forever (Pinales, pattern available!). I started them back in January. I think the first pair were knit in a weekend, but this pair took 2.5 months.

forest pinales

Honestly since March started I kept waiting for spring be around the corner. I figured I didn’t really need to finish them before fall, right?

forest pinales 3

Well, it was -6F Monday morning, -4F Tuesday morning, it snowed on Wednesday. Oh and this morning? It was a toasty 2F ABOVE zero.

So in honor of the winter that Just. Won’t. End. Here’s my third pair of Pinales mittens. These are knit up in Peace Fleece instead of Bartlett. Otherwise I just stuck to the pattern. It’s a sign of how sleep deprived I am that I changed. Nothing.

Maybe now that I’ve finally finished these mittens spring will come? Please?

forest pinales 2