knitting, bags, and camp

I’m so excited about knit camp next week I can barely stand it!  I’m still a little shocked that I won’t be knitting the subtle stripe vest there:

Well, maybe I’ll finish the neckline and armscye trim that weekend…

Instead I’ve started the lace shawl, so I should be able to just follow the simple lace pattern while I talk:


It’s only a 10 stitch repeat, what could possibly go wrong? (don’t answer that)

Along with that I think I’ll bring the long in hibernation argyle jacket, because that’s just the kind of simple stockinette I may need to fall back on…  Also, autumn is coming, and before I start any new Twist Collective patterns, I should really get some of the old ones off my needles. (that’s a link to the new fall twist collective, I haven’t looked yet, I’m headed there next!)

But before I go, I want to show off my cute new purse:
I finally retired the old vera bag with the foam showing through the handles.  Who am I kidding?  By “retired” I mean it’s now holding a knitting project…  Anyway, my new purse is a beatiful hand-made bag by RS Designs.  I’d give you a link, but they don’t have one.  I got mine at the Old Mill Craft Shop, which is like a downsized version of Etsy with all kinds of awesome stuff, plus no shipping!

One response to “knitting, bags, and camp

  1. Your new blog looks great! And I’m very impressed with your super fast vest-knitting work. See you soon!

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