Round Top

Sunday evening, after spending entirely too much of the weekend on the computer, I invited Jake and Reggie into the car and we headed out for a short sunset hike.

Round Top shelter, a stop over on the Long Trail, is visible from the bottom of my driveway. The trail crossing is just 3 miles up the road from us, so we think of the shelter as our own little hiking destination. Neil actually camped there a whole week in February while in still in college.  The shelter has always been known to us, since before we moved to the neighborhood.

The late afternoon sun glowed through the forest as the boy raced down the trail to check in on me,

and then raced up the trail again. They come back constantly to make sure I’m still hiking…
(yes, they are constant blurs in real life too)

It’s a quick hike up to the shelter, a beautiful 3 sided lean-to with sky lights to let the sunshine in and keep the wind out.

I’d allowed entirely too much time, so we arrived well before sunset.

We shared some water, and picked some raspberries, and enjoyed the breeze and the songs of the hermit thrushes.

Before I knew it, the sun was setting

and it was time to head for home.

Jake and Reggie had fun too, and by the end of the hike they stuck right near my side.


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