I’m impatient today! I’m waiting for my mama chickens to show up with babies. Neil saw one chasing Jake across the driveway on Monday. That kind of defensiveness usually goes with baby chicks hatching. But we haven’t seen her since. And the mama nesting in the coop doesn’t have any babies yet either, even though I’m pretty sure she started sitting on 23 days ago.

I’m waiting for knitting camp too! Last year was our first year, and I’m so excited for camp this year I took tomorrow off from work so I could arrive as soon as the camp sites open!

I’m waiting for the humidity to break. It’s cloudy today so at least it’s a little less hot. But I really want cool clear summer days for camp. I’m supposed to get them too, the heat should break tonight.

I’m also waiting for a few certain fall and winter knitting patterns to be published. But those deadlines are further off…


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