VT Knit Camp 2010

I had such a blast at our second annual VT knit camp!  There were quite a few people, besides me, who attended last year and again this year and we also had plenty of new faces.  One of the things I love about knit camp is the un-structured-ness of the whole affair.  Other then the pot luck friday night there are no schedules, no deadlines, nothing to get in the way of socializing and knitting for 2 straight days.


We eat when we want, we go for walks when we want.  I suppose we could do crazy things like swimming or boating too, but mostly there’s just knitting


and more knitting


People spin and crochet too, but not me, I just knit.


That’s the little leaves shawl(ravelry link), subtle stripe vest, and argyle jacket.  All projects I’d planned for some not too challenging camp knitting.  Those beaded rows on the shawl were time consuming though.  By the end I had made a habit of announcing the end of each beading row, and the best part about knit camp is that people understand, and some actually cheered!

Other great parts of knit camp include, seeing (and being inspired by) other’s finished objects, and the camp mascot, Petey.


Pete’s a smart dog who sticks near the pack.  But the funniest part is his reaction to strangers.  If we welcomed a new human (because they arrived bearing fiber) he was fine.  But when a new human wasn’t warmly welcomed (I mean, we were fine with the park ranger being there, but we didn’t ask them what project they were working on) Pete barked.  He’s pretty attuned to human behavoir!

My friends and I joined forces for our meals, that way we each only had to prepare for and cook one meal at camp.  And we all pitched in on cleanup.  I made french toast and sausage for breakfast sunday morning.


We ate pretty well for a bunch of people in lean tos all weekend!

The hot summer air of last week blew out of town just the night before knit camp.  As a result we had some chilly air from canada.  This kept the days cool enough to enjoy knitting outdoors, but the nights were downright chilly.


Luckily I’d brought some woolen garments with me.  In this picture I’m wearing (over my pjs) my currants hat, creemee scarf, TWO sweaters (cambridge cables over owls), trout river legwarmers, and skew socks.  It may not be the prettiest outfit, but for the record I was toasty warm all night and slept like a log.

If you’re in the area, or have some vacation time next summer, I highly recommend coming to our 3rd annual event!


2 responses to “VT Knit Camp 2010

  1. Becky,

    I heard about the Summer Retreat at Kettle Pond from one of my cyber friends on Ravelry. She posted some links and I have read Every. Word. I. Could. Find… several times over. And looked at every posted picture! I would love to come, probably with my sister, but wonder if I could ask a few questions first. I was going to contact Siobhan but couldn’t find any contact info for her; I hope you get this!

    First, we have a tent, and some limited camping gear, but I am gathering one puts the tent in the lean-to. Is this correct? We have stayed several times at the AMC’s Echo Lake Camp on Acadia, and have done a good bit of hiking in various places. (We are both 50-something avid knitters, good sports, enthusiastic and adventurous.) Anything like a “suggested packing list”?

    My other question is about food. Is there any way to coordinate with other willing participants so menus and provisions could be assigned and shared, rather than planning and bringing all of one’s own?

    Any info or insight you could share would be MOST appreciated! I would love to do the winter one at Seyon Lodge as well!

    Thanks in advance! – Ruth McCrea (ramblinroo@aol.com, ramblinroo on Ravelry)

    • Thanks for getting on touch! I’d love to tell you ALL about knitting camp. I hope you can come! I will let you know that Siobhan has to choose whether to reserve one set of lean-tos, or two within the month – so if you can let her know what you decide soon that’d be great. Her e-mail is: morganna@foobox.com

      First you sound completely prepared for knitting camp – this is definitely car-camping. You can drive right up to the sites and the lean tos. The first year I didn’t bother to set up my tent, the second year I did because it was a little more chilly at night. But the toilets all have paper in them, there’s a water pump, and showers down the road. Several people bring camp stoves so we all share those, and we keep a central fire going which is easy to cook over as well. It’s the most relaxed form of camping you’ve ever seen.

      Here’s my suggested packing list: -Clothes and pjs – a variety. It’s been cold (sweater weather) the last 2 years, but it could just as easily be shorts weather. -Bathing suit – if you want to swim, there’s a little beach -rain gear if it looks like the weather may be bad. We’d probably sit in a shelter if it rains, it hasn’t been a problem yet! -good footwear if you want to do any of the hikes around the campsite. -bug spray and sun screen -Sleeping bag, mattress pad, tent -flash light or head lamp for getting back to your tent at night. A big camping lantern is always welcome if you have one. -cook stove, pots, plates, dish soap, food – more below -knitting/crafting supplies – Of course! But I’d suggest a variety. Something simple to work on while chatting or after dark, something more complex to hold your attention during the day.

      Food: We always have a pot luck on friday night. I usually bring some simple breakfast food for myself, like oatmeal, or cereal. For lunch and dinner the following days people often end up sharing, although as a whole group we haven’t planned anything in advance in the past. That being said I have planned meals with friends, so each person just plans one meal for several people like you’re suggesting. If you guys sign up I’d be happy to organize with you. I don’t know yet how many of my other friends are coming, but I always believe the more, the merrier!


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