Good news, bad news

The good news is stronger then the bad news, which is always nice!

Good news – no more poultry deaths. This is especially exciting since it means our abandoned chicks are all still with us. The nesting Brahama didn’t kill them when Neil stuck them under her to keep warm. Although she also didn’t mother them yesterday… Neil found them standing around in the driveway when he got home in the evening. And somehow we had 2 day baby chicks in our yard without protection – and even the domestic cats didn’t eat them. I’m really not sure how that happened…

Since we really don’t want to have to plug in the heat lamp and wash poopy bottoms ourselves, we stuck the babies back under the brahama last night


and this morning she was looking pretty protective! I have given up trying to make predictions. I have no idea if she’ll care for these chicks, hatch out her own eggs, or try to do both! And so long as the fuzzy babies don’t die I’ve decided I don’t care. I’ll leave the decision up to her.

The bad news is we still have no idea where their real mom went. “No poultry deaths” is really based on the assumption that the two hens who have been nesting outside for 5ish weeks are still out there somewhere, and not eaten. And really I can’t be certain that is true…

In knitting news:


I’m still really enjoying my garter stripes. This cardigan is definitely a go. I did have to rip back once on Tuesday. The garter stripes are garter-y enough to effect the gauge. As you may know, garter stitch is always a few stitches per inch less then the same yarn and needles will be in stockinette. I had thought there was enough stockinette in those stripes to assume gauge would be the same – and ripping is what usually happens when you make gauge assumptions.

Now that I have both my garter stripe and stockinette gauges worked out I’ve already done the grading for all sizes. This is a little out of step for me. Usually I knit the one size, and then grade after I’ve finished. However in this case I want to get the pattern to the tech editor for review while I’m still knitting. I am still really excited about doing a knit-along for this pattern but I’ve decided I want everything to be just right so I’m going to have it tech edited first. Then I’ll release the pattern in pieces here on my blog. Once it’s all released there will be a short period where it’s available for free until the knit along is finished. At the end of the knit along I’ll make the PDF available for sale. So watch this space! I’m hoping to be able to give yardage estimates, notion requirements, and shaping/fitting details next week. That way people can decide if they want to join in, and start getting ready! The knit along will probably start the last week in August or first week in September (depending on how long it takes me to get it to, and back from, the tech editor)


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