ready, set, knit-along!

I’m really going to do this!  And I’m wicked excited!  I have put up an official page for the catamount knit along, you can find it here.

Each time I post a new portion of the pattern it’ll go into that page, so if you want to join the knit along that’s where you’ll need to go to see the pattern.  There’s also a link at the top of my blog page.  Feel free to leave a comment over there if you’re thinking about joining in!  You can also find the pattern on Ravelry, add it to your queue and to your project page!

Right now the catamount knit along page is already full of good stuff.  Click over there to see a short description, a schematic, some photos, gauge and yardage requirements.  Everything you need to know to be all ready to start knitting.  If everything goes according to plan I should have the first portion ready to post the first week of September.

In the “this is how I design things” realm, I wanted to note I do a sketch for almost every one of my designs.  I’m pretty good at explaining my plans in words, but the sketch really seals the deal and makes an idea REAL for me.  When I’m submitting to a magazine they almost all request a sketch.  But I even do them for my independent ideas.  That way if I get side tracked and come back to something a year later, I have a reference point on paper and I’m not trying to remember how something was supposed to work.

And in the “how did I get a photo of a sweater that’s not finished yet” realm this is how:
The answer is binder clips.  I clipped the body to my shirt (only at the front top) so I could demonstrate how it would hang.  I’m so sneaky…


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