Did you feel that?  That was the pace picking up around here! Of course there’s the knit along, which seems to be a pretty popular idea!  I hope, if you’re a sweater knitter, you’re considering it too.  I’m really enjoying the project, and I can’t wait to see all the other versions of this sweater.

But it’s not just the knitting.  The garden is picking up the pace too.  I haven’t weeded in ages, mostly because I can’t see the ground – the veggies are so dense.  Neil helped me blanch and freeze broccoli yesterday, we’re up to 4 gallons in the freezer.  We’ve also done a gallon or two of green beans.  I’ve decided I’m letting the rest of the burgundy snap beans dry on the vine.  I did this late last year and they were delicious, but didn’t have enough time to get really good sized. So this year, it’s an excuse to stop picking them.  My butternut squashes (which last year gave two fruits each about 4 inches long) already have 4 or 5 fruits each between 12 and 18 inches! 


The buttercups, acorns, and carnival squashes are doing just as well.  I know I have at least one basketball sized pumpkin out in the field, but there’s also stinging nettle out there so I don’t check it very often.  I even have SUGAR BABY WATERMELONS.  That’s right watermelons in VT, craziness.  Oh, and the first red amish paste tomato.  I predict I’ll have 5 pounds by Saturday, and that I’ll be canning tomatoes every other weekend until the middle of October.

In the kitchen this weekend I made jam.  Lots of jam.


Peach nutmeg jam and strawberry, rhubarb, ginger jam.  Oh, and also, I made english muffins! I had home-made breakfast this morning:


And in the chicken coop, the surrogate mama is doing a fine job with her baby chickens.  I’m still amazed through all the craziness we didn’t loose one.


They move so fast they’re hard to take photos of!


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