small happiness

A list of little things that have made me happy recently, in no particular order:

  1. Good beers with my friend Calley last night.
  2. Coming home to dinner waiting for me.
  3. Free yarn:
    From Yarn on the House. If you don’t read her blog, you should. Unless you don’t like free yarn…
  4. Jake caught the kitchen-mouse this morning (that’s right, not either cat but the 65lb retriever)
  5. The guineas perching on Neil’s car this morning.
  6. My home made english muffins with home made jam.
  7. Getting two freezer rabbits from the CSA.
  8. Used bookstores, and 3 new books for me for under $10 (Yarn Harlot- Secret life of a knitter, Princess Academy, and The One-armed Queen, if you’re curious)
  9. More Green Mountain Spinnery yarn. I ran out of the MC for my sweater knit along. Who knows what I was thinking, my yarn requirements clearly state I’ll need 4 skeins for the size I’m knitting, and I knew I only had 2. Somehow I thought I could make that work?

2 responses to “small happiness

  1. Good for you to count your blessings – we should all do this regularly!

    How have I never been to the Three Penny Taproom?

    • Probably because I had never been, so I didn’t know about it! They’re not a brew-pub in that they don’t have their own beer, but they have amazing beers from around new england, and a lot of stuff I’d never heard of.

      And they’re on your way to/from our house. We can all go! They don’t have real meals though…

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