Baaaaaaaaby chickens!

I’m having a really great time with my knitting these days. I’ve never been good at project monogamy, I like variety in my knitting. I’m more focused these days since designs almost always have deadlines. But still, variety, spice of life, you get the idea. Besides Catamount I’m knitting this one really great XXXXX and then last night I did some stitch pattern swatching for a XXXXX with XXXXX yarn. I love the yarn, although the gauge surprised me and I had to account for that. And then today I had another great idea I’m going to submit to XXXXX and we’ll see how that goes.

Um, anyway…. Look! Baby chickens!






2 responses to “Baaaaaaaaby chickens!

  1. Love the chicks. We had several die this year (bad mama) but none survive. Thanks for the fix.

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