Unfinished – the finishing

I’ve had NO time to knit recently. Although, since I don’t count bus time I am still getting some knitting done*. Although again, I’ve had so many errands to run that I’ve only ridden the bus 3ish day of the week for two weeks. But there is a problem with this method. I’ve been cranking through knitting on the bus, but I don’t like to do finishing on the bus. I will if I cast off in the morning and need something to keep my hands busy in the afternoon.


But in the last week I’ve completed the knitting for two large projects, only to have them languish on the table in my craft room, waiting for me to have free time in the evening.


The only things standing between my and wearing my new Catamount sweater are:
the process of weaving in a few ends
doing the kitcheners on the underarms


And my little leaves shawl just needs the ends woven in and a good solid blocking as well.

Even design XXXXX is done except for a block and some photos. It’s getting bad up there. Today on the bus I’m knitting the neckband and arm trim for the subtle stripe vest. It’s just an hour or two from joining the “to be blocked” pile… The almost finished UFOs are going to gang up on me and attack pretty soon.

In other news, other then design YYYYY, which hopefully I’ll cast on for soon, I’m suddenly, shockingly, short of in progress knits. In fact, I’ve moved a really old UFO out of the closet and onto the craft chair in preparation for fall.


Don’t you think my Royal Rose would make a lovely sweater to welcome the new season in with?

*THIS is how I’m so productive with my knitting. My baseline for knitting time isn’t 0. It’s 6-10 hours a week. You probably don’t want to know how many hours a week I knit when I’m getting “lots” of knitting time. Also, I’ve never calculated it.


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