Can’t talk

I have to go read the first three chapters of Pegasus RIGHT NOW.

Pegasus is Robin McKinley‘s newest book due out in November and the advanced copies have been getting some fabulous reviews. Robin McKinley has been one of my all time favorite authors since I read Beauty, followed quickly by Hero and the Crown and the Blue Sword as a teenager. And people are saying this one’s even better. I’d read anything by her (including her own rendition of the phone book, I’m sure she could make it interesting)

Also, look at this cover:

How could that NOT grab your attention? Besides, the first three chapters are free! Give it a shot, see if you like it.


3 responses to “Can’t talk

  1. Wasn’t it just perfect and totally amazing?! Nov 2 can’t get here soon enough!

  2. I just read this last night/this morning! I ADORE Robin McKinley and I am so excited about this new book :D

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