Finished: Little Leaves

I’ve finished my second true lace shawl!

gratuitous photo

Pattern, Little Leaves (Ravelry link) by Susanna IC.
Yarn Harrisville fingering weight shetland.
Beads are some glass seed beads from jo-anns…
gratuitous photo

I love this shawl in every way
gratuitous photo

I definitely love this slightly heavier shawl with the fingering weight better then the true lace weight I made for my mother. I love the texture so much!
gratuitous photo

It is a beautiful, simple shawl and a well written pattern. I worked almost all of this shawl while chatting, watching movies, and otherwise not giving it my full attention. The repeat is easy to memorize (I used a lot of stitch markers) and the results are, well:
gratuitous photo

Using fingering weight yarn and size 6 needles my shawl is about 50 inches across and only 15 inches long, both shorter and less wide then the original. That’s with the given number of repeats across and an extra vertical repeat of the lace.

gratuitous photo


4 responses to “Finished: Little Leaves

  1. It is gorgeous! I love Susanna’s patterns – they are all exquisite! Your color selection is beautiful. Well done!

  2. It’s beautiful!

    Why are your glads in bloom when mine are still all-over green?

    • I have two guesses on the glads:

      1) I may have planted mine earlier. Since they’d grow based on when they went into the ground, not when the ground thaws, mine could have a head start on yours.

      2) They may go dormant or stop growing when there’s a drought, which again would give mine a head start over yours.


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