Productive harvest

Some harvests are productive, but not necessarily fun. Such was the case Sunday, when I put the first half of the meat birds in the freezer. It was a long day, made longer by the fact that a friend who was going to help out couldn’t make it. She was going to help with my birds in order to learn how to take care of her own. Instead she had a hay delivery arrive that needed to be put away. On a hot day like Sunday I’d almost rather be slaughtering then stacking 100 bales of hay. Almost. So now I’m sore, and tired, but I have a freezer half full of chicken. There will be a lot of long winter nights made warmer with good, home-raised food.

Saturday I put in a fall garden. I ripped out the grass that had taken over the kohlrabi and mescalin patch (which I’d been neglecting since June) And I planted lettuce, swiss chard, and spinach. All three greens will get a great start (especially good since it’s supposed to be in the 80’s all week) from now until the first frost. Our average first frost date is September 25th so that means with luck these plants will have 27 days of true growing season. Everything I planted is only 40-45 days to maturity, and of course with greens you can always eat them when they’re smaller. But once it gets cold these plants won’t die back the way the tomatoes and squashes do, they just sit dormant. Dormant but still delicious. With the addition of a cold frame (we’re hoping to find some old windows to build one) to keep the snow off we could be eating greens well into November!

Along with weeding and planting I replaced the fence post that was broken the day we lost the guinea. While pounding in the new one I missed and hit my other hand full force… So now I have a bruise at the base of my right index finger that matches the sweater I’m knitting.


I’m very color coordinated these days…


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