Random thoughts

The chickadees have found the sunflowers in my garden. Suddenly the front yard is FULL of tiny, noisy birds. It’s wicked cute.

The Catamount knit along is ON! The first section of directions will be going live on the page tomorrow. I’ll announce it here as well to the joy of knitters everywhere (I hope) and the rest of you will just have to put up with weekly announcements…

I used to have 5 or 6 decorative hair sticks for holding my hair up. I seem to have lost them all. Right now my hair is up with a US6 DPN. I’m considering buying a set just for this so I don’t start loosing knitting implements.

I love nice, polite Vermont politics (not that all vermont politics are nice) our 5 way democratic primary was so close the 1st and 3rd place candidates are only 696 votes apart. So while they go through the recount they’re all campaigning together. Where else has that ever happened?

I’m wearing my crazy butterfly skirt today and have gotten 3 complements already. It’s a simple, A line skirt that took about 30 minutes to sew. I should make more.

I have decided to add short rows to the front of my Royal Rose sweater. I’ll be working them in the cross-hatch (more properly known as the peerie) section. Instead of 3 rows of each purple color I’ll work 5 (3 normal and 2 short rows). It should, almost invisibly, add 1/2 to 3/4’s of an inch to the front of the sweater. Or something will go wrong and it’ll make me go crazy. Only time will tell!

Due to the egg recall Important People on the Radio keep saying we shouldn’t eat raw or undercooked eggs. The rebellious kid inside me keeps wanting to eat MORE raw or undercooked eggs just because they told me not to.


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