Finished Sweater: Catamount

I was hoping for some cool, autumnal weather before I took these photos. But nature didn’t cooperate. So I went out last night into the 88F weather in my wool/mohair sweater and jeans, just for a photo opportunity. It’s the crazy side of designing knitwear.


Sweater pattern is, of course, Catamount

designed by me!


The first section of the pattern is available right now until the end of the knit along over on that page.

No, wait, the crazy side of knitwear design is that this was just the finished object photo shoot. This is what happens when it’s just me, the camera, and my classy tripod (also known as the kitchen stool). I have a real photo shoot planned, with a real person behind the camera, for the pattern photos.


One of these photos was almost a picture of me tripping over my own feet as I ran from behind the camera to pose while the auto count down did it’s thing.


Yes, that’s the sort of grace and class that you’re not seeing in these photos.


It’s probably just as well.


2 responses to “Finished Sweater: Catamount

  1. Ooh I love it – very nice! :)

    And my photoshoots are similar – there are a lot of shots of me looking quizzicaly at the camera “did I hit the right button?”

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