more knitting

For those of you playing along – part two of the Catamount KAL is now live on the page. Enjoy! And please do share you’re progress. If you’re on Ravelry, yes I am stalking your project pages. I love seeing the progress people make!

My favorite comment so far was from a Raveler who said the stripes were causing her to twitch because they’re random not organized. I actually laughed out loud at this comment (yes, in my shared work office, yes people look at me funny sometimes) Because I think I developed the same twitch as I tried to design the randomness. Randomness is a really hard thing to create, especially for me and my very logical brain. But I do believe the random stripes look nicer then orderly stripes would (and the Raveler who made me laugh agreed). Of course if you prefer order I don’t think it’d be too hard to change around…

In other news I’m making great progress on yet another design. But that means that the royal rose sweater has gone back into a corner. I’m more then a bit sad about this (which is a good sign, that means it’ll probably come back out to play soon!) I’m a mere 6 rounds from casting on the neck steek stitches! I’m planning on trying it on just before then, because I won’t be able to try it on again after the steeks start until the whole thing is finished… I have a fabulous post planned for how I worked short rows into the color work in an almost seamless manner, but that’s on hold for now too…

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