potato salad ruse

On sunday Neil and I went down to NH for my sister’s bridal shower. Everyone had planned a surprise bridal shower for her, and my birthday was the decoy. Everything worked so well, she didn’t have a clue it was coming. My mom and I had discussed on facebook about when I was driving down, what kind of cake I wanted, all the details, right in the open where she could see them. The best part was when she volunteered to bring some food.

My sister had been warned that the party could be any time. She’d even shown up for a friend’s child’s soccer game dressed nicely, just in case. So on sunday morning when she and her fiance were driving up I understand the conversation in the car went something like this:

“This isn’t my bridal shower, is it?”
“No, of course not.”
“Right, that makes sense. They wouldn’t ask me to bring potato salad to my own bridal shower.”

Except, of course, that we had! Muhahahaha….

The bridesmaids had done a wonderful job planning, and the party went off spectacularly. There were shower games and lots of food. Along with potato salad there were plenty of snacks, sandwiches, etc… And for dessert, oreo brownies, chocolate macaroon type things, cupcakes, and mini cherry cheesecakes.

After all that we hung out and had some quality family time. It was all capped off with birthday cake for my birthday.* I got the purple velvet cake which was an intense shade of purple that I’ve never seen in food before. Also it was very dense AND had cream cheese filling. I don’t need any more cake for quite awhile…

On an unrelated note. Thanks to everyone who participated in the 28% off sale! I believe I’ve sent all the refunds, so if you think you were supposed to get one, and didn’t. Please let me know! My e-mail should be on the bottom of the pattern (except the twist collective one) or you can comment here.

*that’s birthday cake, pumpkin pie, mini shower cakes, and more birthday cake if you’re keeping track.

2 responses to “potato salad ruse

  1. Hahaha! That’s a wonderful trick!

    How did they get your velvet cake purple? Beet juice or was it food coloring? Sounds delicious!

    • It was far to PURPLE to be anything other then food dye. Really strong food dye at at that… I’ve never tried red velvet cake but know all about it (and how it can be done with beet juice) but still it was good cake.

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