Fiber Calling

Over my birthday weekend I gave myself time to play with fiber. We all know there’s a difference between Knitters and people who knit. I believe there’s an equal distinction between Spinners and people who spin. I’m just a person who spins, but I do love playing with fiber!

When I first learned to spin I thought I was going to spin all my fiber for all my knitting. All new spinners go through this stage, right? Well I took it one step further and bought about 4 POUNDS of fiber, some merino, some corridale, some alpaca and cotton, and some silk. Believe it or not I actually got the cotton/alpaca spun and knit into a sweater AND spun about half the corridale. But those paired projects didn’t work out and that’s a story for another day.

The rest of the fiber has sat, and become core stash. I pull the merino out any time I want to try dying something, but I still have a LOT of plain white merino. The kettle dyed brown corridale was a bit compacted by the dying process (which I did myself, so have no one else to blame) and while I did get about half spun up, I think the difficulty of spinning it was part of what killed that project. And so everything has sat, and waited, and sat some more.

unblended top

Those are the merino and corridale, along with some green BFL that I got tired of being all one color, and the golden tussah silk. I have about 1 pound of the corridale, 1/2 a pound of the merino, and 8 ounces of the BFL and silk.

My friend, at who’s house we had the birthday party, owns a drum carder. And I’ve been thinking for awhile that a drum carder would be just the thing for my compacted brown corridale. And I’ve been seeing a lot of pretty spinning fibers (thanks to Jodi) and wishing I had more pretty batts of my very own.


And then I decided to try some blending. I broke all the top into pieces about 1.5 feet long. Having twice as much corridale as anything else I decided each batt would be 2 strips of corrdale and 1 each of merino, BFL, and silk. I fed the corridale in first, then the merino, then more corridale, the BFL and finally the silk. They layered each on top of the one before on the first run through. So after taking the batt of the carder I’d tear it into quarters and put them through sideways to mix the colors some more.


I think the batts came out WONDERFULLY! Also I have a few:

And a few more:

In fact, I made 14 total.

I left one for my friend, to thank her for the use of the drum carder. But I still have 13 more (and fiber to make another 4 or 6). I’m thinking if I spin them up into a DK or light worsted weight yarn I should be able to make a gorgeous sweater out of all this! What do you think? I’d want something plain enough to really show off the yarn. And since it’ll have some variegation to it I don’t want any kind of fancy cable or lace that will be obscured by the color. I have quite a few sweaters in mind, but I’m not sure any of them are exactly what I’m thinking of. So far my list includes:

But I’m still researching options. Do you have a nice, plain, comfy sweater pattern you could recommend?

Tomorrow, the fiber project that didn’t work so well…


2 responses to “Fiber Calling

  1. all of diane soucy’s pattern are greaat- seamless and simple. they are basic but you can embellish them anyway you want. great patterns!!!

    can’t wait to see the fiber spun up and what you make with it.

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