wanted: one camera screen

Sunday night I was going through my normal routine, getting ready for the work week and cleaning up after myself from the weekend. I went to take my camera out of my purse. The strap was hooked around something, and in one of those moments that I couldn’t repeat if I tried, I flung my camera across the kitchen. It smashed into a cabinet and landed on the floor.

The screen is broken. It shows me a bunch of white and gray stripes.

Yes, they’re pretty stripes, but I can’t adjust any settings. I also can’t, you know, see what I’m taking pictures of. I’m pretty sure the guts of the camera are fine. I took this picture of peanut (at 11pm in my dark kitchen, and the white balance is set for sunny outdoors photos) with the camera after dropping it, so this is promising, right?


It’s a pretty decent camera, Nikon Coolpix 5900, and I didn’t really want to replace it, nor do I know anything about replacing it. It looks like I might be able to get just the screen replaced (for about $100) but I’m also looking into getting a new one. I really don’t need or want anything fancier, but if I can get something similar for the same price as replacing the screen it might not be a bad idea. Does anyone know anything about cameras and want to give me some advice?

In the mean time I’m kicking myself pretty hard about this. It was just a silly, klutzy mistake. But it was a silly, klutzy mistake that took my camera out of action just 8 days before Knitty’s pattern due date (and of course I haven’t taken pictures yet) It’s also less then a month before my self-imposed deadline for the PDF version of my Catamount pattern. I had never thought about it this way, but I need a camera for this little business I’m starting to cobble together out of my hobby. What’s worse is that I don’t have an account labeled “business expenses” anywhere. This repair is going to have to come out of my Rhinebeck money. I don’t have a lot of extra spending money these days.* I’ve been saving a little every month since May, but if this camera problem costs more then $150 I might have to skip Rhinebeck. That’s right, I may have forced myself to choose between a new camera and Rhinebeck. I hate being a grown up sometimes.

*who does anyway? And do they want to give me some?


4 responses to “wanted: one camera screen

  1. It’s nearly 10 years old, I’m impressed it lasted so well so long!

  2. In case anyone is wondering, Peanut’s real name is Trigger. Just saying.

  3. I don’t care. That was her name from before she was ever caught. Just try calling her Trigger someday, I bet she’ll respond because, deep down, she knows that’s her name. And having a Trigger that lives in a different house makes more sense than having a Nutsy without a Trigger.

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