Sterling wedding

Neil went to Sterling college and we’ve noticed a theme in the weddings our friends and his fellow alumni all seem to have. Sterling weddings are gorgeous, usually out doors, often pot luck, and always a blast.

Men in their best carhartts and woolen vests. Women in cute, unique dresses.


Striped tents with fluttering banners.


Seriously some of the best wedding meals I’ve eaten have been pot lucks.

And those are compostable wooden flatware pieces. Even the cups were compostable…

As it gets cold, the shawls come out. I love when all the ladies have a gorgeous woven or knitted shawl on hand. It makes me feel right at home.


3 responses to “Sterling wedding

  1. If you went to that wedding last weekend, you were in my backyard. At least it sure looks like the one that was there.

  2. oh.. just saw the wine bottle. That was the one! Gorgeous day for it. I wanted to go over and crash when the music started. Sounded like fun.

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