preparing for Rhinebeck!

I am going to Rhinebeck! And the recent camera scare* makes this even more exciting for me then before!

This will be my first ever Rhinebeck festival, although I’m getting to be old hand at the smaller New England festivals in NH and VT. I’m hoping some of what I know can be applied to Rhinebeck. One thing I know will have to change. My standard mode of operation is to see everything once then go back to make purchases. I have heard that Rhinebeck is A) so huge and B) so popular that to attempt to see everything is folly and even if you did the good stuff would be gone by the second time around.

I will also be playing Rhinebeck Bingo, which sounds like a really great excuse to go up to random people and start talking. Talking to strangers is one of those things I always kinda want to do, but sometimes chicken out from. So I hope the bingo game will help out.

My friend and I will be camping, so lets all hope for nice, autumnal weather. Nothing too hot and pleaseohplease nothing too cold. We’re going to drive down Friday night, and hit the festival all day Saturday. I’m hoping to be at the Ravelry party as well, and if we’re not exhausted we’ll go back Sunday morning for a little more fun before heading home. I’ll be wearing my newest sweater, Catamount (of course!) If you see me please say hi!

*Camera scare is over. A blog friend who’s a photographer recommended a decent looking camera at a great price. I, fearing doing research and purchasing on something I know nothing about, took her advice and purchased a Kodak Z915.


2 responses to “preparing for Rhinebeck!

  1. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time at the New York Sheep and Wool Festival. I’m a vendor and have a ball every year. So many supper people!!!!!!

    Fingers crossed for good weather especially if you’re camping.

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