Harvest Market

Saturday after doing a pattern photoshoot with a friend* we headed over to the harvest market in Underhill. Yard sales, a flea market, barns full of books, and yummy fair food were the order of the day. At the flea market I applauded the folks selling hand knits at reasonable prices ($40 for felted mittens = win) and cringed at people underpricing their work ($90 for a SILK AND CASHMERE hand knit lace shawl? The yarn alone must’ve cost $70)

I ate fried dough while trying not to dribble powdered sugar on the silent auction. I had a chance to complement the wonderful ladies who made the green and white purse I’ve become so fond of. I also had a chance to ask the burning question I’ve had since spilling beef stew inside my purse (yes, they are washable)

I found some really fabulous steampunk glasses at the booth that was also selling hunting rifles and real animal pelts:
(it was an eclectic booth)
If you like steampunk, or are wondering what I mean, you should check out the Fall Sanguine Gryphon patterns. They’re amazing!

It was a gorgeous fall day. While the sky was cloudy and the wind blustery it didn’t rain on us at all. The harvest market is right up there with a good fiber festival and pumpkins and mums on front steps in the my-favorite-parts-of-fall category. A few weeks ago on twitter I learned that roasting chilies are a sure sign of fall in the southwest… Do you have a favorite sign of fall where you live?

*I can’t show you the project, but I wore something, drapey, to go with it:


2 responses to “Harvest Market

  1. it is impossible to get away from a)roasting chilies b)chilies for roasting or c)chilies that you could roast but are instead being used for decoration down here right now

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