meet Elisa

I went through a LOT of plain sweater patterns looking for the right one for my handspun sweater. I was drawn to fisherman’s twist and Magnolia. I also really liked this shawl collared cardigan and the neck down cowl pullover. Clearly I was looking for something like a snuggley pullover. Probably something with a cozy collar. In the end I chose Elisa(ravelry link) by Allison Green Will. I’ve admired her patterns before (seriously, she has some wonderful cables) and I enjoy supporting other independent designers.


And I’ve been spinning my delicious blended batts. I did some actual sampling (shocking I know) and decided I liked the two ply best. Also, 2 ply means less total spinning before I get to knit my sweater. After spinning and plying the first 6 batts into 3 skeins I realized I was going to need to card up the rest of my brown fiber to get enough yardage for a sweater. And not just the fiber I’d divided for batts but not carded, I was going to need to use all the rest of the brown. So over the weekend I went back to my friend’s with a bag full of fiber. I ran into a slight problem, in that I didn’t have any extra green other then what I’d already broken up. So the last 10 batts have less green BFL in each, and a little more white merino to make up the difference. My plan is to spin a single of one more-green batt and a single of one more-white batt and ply them together.


The skeins on the left are more-green skeins while the ones on the right are middle-green. They’re really pretty close! The last 2 skeins may be spun of only less-green batts which will add even more variation to my yarn… It’s going to be like working with three different dye lots of the same color. So here’s my plan. I’m going to knit the lace at the hem and cuffs out of the more-green skeins; I have 3 of those for about 300 yards. Then I’ll knit the body and sleeves out of the middle-green skeins; I will have 7 of those, so hopefully 700 yards. Finally, I’ll work the collar out of the less-green skeins; which I will have 1 or 2 of for another 200ish yards.


It turns out I’m getting the EXACT gauge called for in the pattern on size 8 needles (down a size from the US 9’s the pattern recommends) Since I believe my yarn to be a little thinner (light worsted maybe?) then the Green Mountain Spinnery yarn the designer recommended I’m not sure how that worked out so perfectly. But I’m not complaining. This means I can knit the 37 inch size without having to modify anything. Of course I’ve already decided I want to make the sleeves a touch less drapey, because I’m incapable of not modifying something…


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