supposed to be a set

I like sets of knitwear. I’m sure there’s such a thing as too much matching, but a little matchiness makes me a happy knitter.

So over the weekend I finished my green thumb mittens:


And dove right into a matching Dindy Beret. It seemed like it’d make a great set. But there was one small problem. The hat pattern said I’d need 165 yards of yarn. I had one 109 yard skein, and about 5 yards leftover from the skein I used for the mitts. Somehow I thought I’d make it work. And I did – well, sort of. I knit the brim just as described. I decided I’d knit the crown of the hat on larger needles. This would give more poof for fewer stitches, right? I went down a size for my stitch count and worked away. I also thought, for some reason, that I could get away with knitting the crown to only 4.5 inches, instead of the 5.5 inches directed for my size.


I did, in fact make a hat. It even fits on my head. What I can’t decide is if it looks ok, or if it looks like I’m wearing a freakishly small hat. I may be blinded by my desire for a matching set.


The worst part is I only have 20 or 30 yards of yarn leftover. Not enough to convince myself to tear it out and try and make the hat bigger. So should I wear the hat? Or wait until I find a young girl for whom I need a present?


6 responses to “supposed to be a set

  1. I like the hat, but it does seem a little small and not very warm. Have you thought about doing an earwarmer/headband with the yarn?

    BTW, I’ll be stalking you at Rhinebeck. You’re on my bingo card!

  2. It does seem a wee bit small to me. But it’s a lovely hat!

  3. It does look a touch small… Could it be reknit with some contrasting/accent something?

    • If I used a different color for the band of leaves I would probably have enough green for the crown of the hat. I’m just not sure what other color/yarn I’d use.

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