the important things

The really important part of this weekend was, of course, my sister’s wedding!


Don’t they make a cute couple?

I, of course, wore some knitting.
Neil wore his birthday suit.*

The location was beautiful too. The wedding was at the Cobb Hill Estate in Harrisville, NH.

The family and the bridal party stayed the whole weekend. We also helped with the setup. Neil and I were in charge of getting the very fancy cake up the steep, winding, bumpy dirt road, in my little jetta.

The reception party went well. Even my parents danced! They didn’t dance at their own wedding…

In our family the marriage isn’t official until the new spouse is on the family tree.

Since I was in Harrisville, I went to the yarn store in town. Not only in town, but right at the base of the hill. I had to drive by every time I came and went from the site. Every. Single. Time. I only stopped once, even after learning they were having a 20% off sale that weekend. I think I showed great restraint. Just this weekend I picked up new yarn for 3 sweaters and 2 smaller projects (although not all from Harrisville)

Oh, and yes! I finished the vest. Neil put it on just seconds before it was wrapped for a single FO photo:

*I bought him a suit for his birthday = birthday suit! It’s been a running joke.


2 responses to “the important things

  1. Congrats on the new brother-in-law. Your sister is beautiful…you look a lot alike. And, I think you showed amazing restraint in only stopping at the yarn store once.

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