one track mind

I wish I had something fun or educational to post, but the little voices in my head are all chanting “rhinebeck, rhinebeck, rhinebeck” to the tune of that old badger song that went around the internet years ago (oh no, it’s a snake, it’s a snake, oooo, a snake)

So instead, let’s look at some yarn:

future plum frost

This is the Harrisville shetland I picked up last weekend to make Plum frost. I already owned two skeins, so I just needed a few more colors and enough for the body of the sweater. Who knows when I’ll get to knitting it, but I’ve wanted to since I first saw the pattern.

And I also want to give another suggestion for using home-canned goodness. I’ve been mixing things into my egg and making tasty and nutritious egg sandwiches in the mornings. My personal favorite is a little pumpkin butter (which is sadly store-bought) mixed into the egg, and a slice of cheddar cheese. Apple chutney makes a good inclusion too. I imagine I could mix some salsa in, and maybe make a breakfast burrito. Doesn’t that sound good? The key is to cook the egg mix as you would for an omelet, not as for scrambled eggs. That way it holds together well enough to put in a breakfast sandwich.


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