Fumes as in: high on wool fumes – at the festival and ravelry party and riding on fumes – my energy level at the end of the weekend. But it was a great weekend! My friend Amy and I saw animals:
stay sheep llama cart
sheep dog demos and a llama cart

And famous knitter types:
rav team kate and irene designers
Casey, Jess, Mary-Heather, Sarah from Ravelry, Kate and Irene from Twist, Stitchy and Caro, Laura, and me

We ate delicious food; she had the chicken pot pie and I had fried artichokes. We went to the Ravelry party and spent pretty much the whole time admiring other people’s sweaters.*
me at ravelry

And by the end it could safely be said we’d won Rhinebeck:
basket of happiness I won rhinebeck
Amy’s basket of happiness (just some of her goodies) and my rhinebeck collection

*One sweater gave the inspiration that solved my purple and green sweater conundrum!


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