In case you didn’t see them in the photo yesterday, I picked up two new drop spindles at the sheep and wool festival over the weekend:

ring spindels

They’re both Goldings and I love them. I had thought I’d get something carved, but the carved whorls I like best were all flower shaped, and I already have a drop spindle with a carved, flower shaped, whorl. The large one is 1.2oz walnut with just the inlaid ring that you can see in the photo. The small one is a 0.5oz cherry with a brass ring.

These ring-weighted spindles really do spin even longer then my other two. I’m very excited to start spinning on them. I think that having more spindles around might help me keep more then one spinning project going at a time. I find that sometimes I get bored of a spinning project and then don’t spin at all. This happens with knitting and I just switch to a different project. Why not apply the same idea to spinning, right? Right! The first thing I want to try are these little rounds of fiber.

whirled bits

They’re an assorted pack from Into the Whirled, also picked up at Rhinebeck. It’s 4 ounces total, so each little round can’t weigh very much. I’m hoping to spin them on the cherry spindle and then ply each one back on itself on the walnut. Then I’ll knit something stripy! and colorful! I’m not sure what though…


2 responses to “Spindles!

  1. fibernerd alert :-)

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