A quick FO

Of course I took knitting with me to Rhinebeck. I had to have something to knit while standing in line or eating lunch. I wanted a project that was small and portable, not one that would involve looking at a pattern a lot or juggling too many tools.

pumpkin gloves

Enter the pumpkin gloves! I cast on for the first during lunch on Saturday and bound off the hand of the second during the car ride home on Sunday. I added the thumbs and wove in ends Sunday night. They’re simple, 2×2 ribbing the whole way around, and since I made them up as I went along, there was no pattern to fumble with.

pumpkin glove

I especially like how I worked the thumb gusset into the ribbing:

pumpkin glove thumb

The yarn was leftover from my pumpkin vine sweater, which I wore on sunday. So there was a little confusion from passing knitters as to how I was knitting and wearing something all at the same time. But that was easily cleared up.


One response to “A quick FO

  1. Pretty! I love the thumb gusset :-)

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