Sweater Season

It’s fall, in fact, in my yard it’s already late fall.


The leaves are off the trees, it’s not yet dawn when I leave the house, and scraping frost off my windshield happens every morning.


For me, my baseline amount of knitting time is probably 8 hours a week (4 days on the bus, minimum) which means I get plenty of knitting done in all seasons. But in fall I find myself knitting All The Time. It’s the knitting season, and this year it seems to be sweater season. I am, in fact, working on FOUR sweaters right now. Two from Twist Collective (Argyle Jacket and Orange Pop), my handspun Elisa, and a men’s sweater of my own design. I’ve been switching happily from one to the other any time I feel like it, and thus making pretty good progress on all of them. On Sunday I did some spinning on my new drop spindles as well.


I’m spinning up each little bump of my Into the Whirled sampler and then chain plying them in order to maintain the colors. I think I’ll knit something fabulously stripy once they’re all spun up.

Do you find extra time to knit in the fall? What else says “It’s Fall!” where you are?


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