Second Sweater

My second sweater update is for my handspun Elisa (ravelry link)


I’m still loving this sweater. It’s knitting up without a hitch (yet (knock on wood)) The handspun yarn is going a long way too! I used just 2 skeins in the lace hem and cuffs, and another 2 skeins so far in the body. I’m working the bust increases now, and I hope that my 5 and 6th skeins will complete the body. Then 7 and 8 will be to finish the sleeves, and I have one last skein of the extra-green batch which I hope to use for that cozy, squishy collar. If all goes according to plan I won’t have to use any yarn that’s two plies of the less-green batts.


I love the way the handspun yarn looks all knit up in the simple stockinette. Slightly shiney from the BFL and silk, mottled from the colors all mixed together in the blending and plying. Even though it’s not the most even yarn I’ve ever spun I think the stitches blend so well you really can’t tell how nubbley the yarn is in the final fabric. I love the way it smells too, I’ve been washing each skein with soap that has a lovely, woodsy smell to it. The only thing that seems to have gone wrong is the timing. I thought I was going to finish this sweater by the end of October. While I am making good progress on it, all these other sweaters keep popping up and asking to be knit as well!


2 responses to “Second Sweater

  1. Your new sweater is gorgeous! I love the texture of the hand spun yarn. Any chance you could bring it up to show at our open house on Nov 26 or the 27th? Not sure which day I’m working, but I’d make a special trip in to see it!

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