Thursday’s sweater

The third sweater in my line-up is one I designed myself. In winter 2008-2009 I knit a gray sweater with color work for Neil:


I had enough of an inkling that I might use it as a design to take notes, and keep track of my color work chart. But the sweater didn’t work out just right. You can see there’s puckering in the yoke (and that’s after I blocked it as best I could) and the shaping in the shoulder and collar wasn’t quite right. It bothered Neil and he pulled down on his sleeves a lot trying to make it sit properly. We both liked the idea of this sweater better then the finished object.


Two years later I have a much better understanding of the construction of yoked sweaters. But instead of ripping out the yoke and re-knitting it I decided to re-do the entire sweater. The original was worked in Bartlett wool, but this time I’m using Knitpicks heavy weight city tweed. This yarn is much softer. Neil and I decided to keep the color pattern the same, because that part does work for Neil – and we all know how finicky men can be about their sweaters. I started with the sleeves for this one because they double so nicely as a gauge swatch. So once I’ve knit both sleeves I’ll work the body second and join to knit the yoke.

I will need test knitters for this pattern! Probably sometime in late November or December. The sweater is designed for men – it doesn’t have any shaping, but if you like a big, comfy sweater it could be worn by women too. If you might be interested in helping out, let me know!


2 responses to “Thursday’s sweater

  1. Oooh! I like this one – and while I see the fitting issues in the first one, it definitely has potential to be a really snazzy sweater :-) I might be interested in test-knitting, actually, although it would depend partly on timing. Will you keep me posted on this?

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