Final sweater

The final sweater is the continuing saga of my green and purple sweater. I’d chosen the colors for this sweater off Quince & Co’s website, and when the yarn arrived it wasn’t quite what I’d expected. This is just to remind me that colors may vary from monitor to real life, right? Well I was pretty sad about that cable swatch, and showed it to a number of knitting friends in real life, who all agreed following my original plan wasn’t going to work out well. My friend Amy commented, on our way to Rhinebeck, that maybe I’d find inspiration while there. And I did! I saw Mary-Heather (yes, Ravelry’s Mary-Heather) wearing Orange Pop, and I realized this would make a great green and purple sweater. The pattern is designed to use eye-catching colors, but even better, it uses 5 different colors. That’s right, I’m going to solve my green and purple problem by adding MORE green and purple.

lime pop colors

The photo is blurry, but (at least on my monitor) it shows the true colors of the yarns I’ve chosen. Ordering a color card would have been the safe way to go.  Instead I sat, looking at the colors on the screen and thinking, “ok, everything is bluer here then it is in real life” and then took my chances. The far left purple and the far right green are the originals – Frank’s plum and Snap Pea. The green and purple in the middle, Orchid and Parsley, are the new ones. Parsley plays well with Snap pea and Frank’s plum. Orchid plays well with Frank’s plum and Snap Pea. Orchid and Parsley play well together, and Frost (the white-ish blue) gets along with everyone! So the other colors will act as buffers between the two originals. While it’ll be a very vivid sweater, I’m hopeful it’ll avoid clashing with itself.

I would knit a swatch, but my green and purple sweater problems haven’t ended yet. I was winding up the skeins, in order to swatch.  When I got to the Orchid yarn it seemed very skinny. At first I thought it was a dye issue (You do know that dye can affect the final size of the base yarn, right? You do now.) But it was REALLY skinny. In fact, when I held it next to the other yarns, it even seemed to have a different feel to it. I dug out the tag I’d hastily cast aside:

orchid chickadee

Yeah, that’s the Chickadee yarn base, not the Lark yarn I’m using for the rest of the sweater. It’s a sport weight instead of the worsted weight Lark. The folks at Quince & Co were very apologetic (I got a very nice e-mail from Pam Allen herself!) and a new skein of Orchid colored yarn in the correct base is on it’s way right now. In the mean time:

lime pop hem

I’ve knit the hem (I knit the sleeves while I was waiting for the new green, purple, and white to arrive). The next row involves Frank’s Plum and Orchid. I hope to be knitting it later tonight, assuming my final skein arrives today. I’ve been sending Fast Shipping vibes to the USPS all week.


2 responses to “Final sweater

  1. All of this is fascinating, but I have no idea what you mean about some colors working together and others not. Which is why you’re the creative designer person I’m the writer. But – where did you get that sense of color and whatnot, I wonder?

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