What season is this anyway?

snowy pumpkin

It snowed 4 or 5 times in October, and collected on the ground twice. This morning doesn’t count though, because it’s November now. The weather guys reminded me this morning that November 1st is halfway between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, and the weather seems to agree that we’re half way between fall and winter. The leaves are down, but the snow isn’t sticking around yet.

This weekend involved a lot of winter preparation. I finished cleaning up my garden. I planted a LOT of garlic – 50 or 60 cloves. Hopefully 50 or 60 bulbs will last us for awhile… We’re still eating lettuce and spinach from the little greenhouse. I have to say, home grown lettuce in November is pretty exciting for me! I also planted a climbing rose (in my defense, my friend said it just needed to go into the ground before the soil froze)

I cleaned out our entry-way too. It collects a lot of junk over the summer. Grain bags, ratchet straps, dog toys, compost buckets, garden tools, and more chicken poo then I really want to admit. It’s all cleaned out now, and ready for our first delivery of firewood! Stacking will be next weekend’s task. Also on the to-do list, cleaning and installing our storm windows, calling the plow man to make sure we’re on the list for this winter, cleaning the chicken coop, and getting the rest of the meat birds into our freezer. The weekends are busier now that I’m stuck indoors in the evenings. It’s hard to do yard tasks in the dark after work.

Inside we’ve cured our squashes and hidden them in the big kitchen cabinet next to a few cabbages (the deer got half my harvest), apples, and the winter share from the CSA (sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, onions) we purchased a bushel of potatoes from the local farm stand (that’ll only last us until January, but it’s something) Neil’s got a wonderful batch of pumpkin beer fermenting along side a chocolate vanilla stout. I’m starting to think about bottling last year’s wine and re-racking the flower wines I started last spring. We are settling in and preparing for the winter. That doesn’t really mean we’re slowing down, not yet anyway.


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