The last skein of purple yarn for my green and purple sweater still hasn’t arrived. The USPS may be holding it hostage, but what for? I do not know.

I ran out of handspun with 1 inch, plus the sleeve cap of one sleeve, and another 2 inches of turtleneck to go. I have enough fiber for another 150 yards, and I think I only need 50 or so. But still, I thought I was done with the spinning.

In my frustration at my sweaters I might have cast on an Aestlight Shawl. Not sure how that happened.

I want this book and I want it now. None of my local book stores seem to have it in stock. Maybe I should have requested they order it in advance?

I’m getting antsy with anticipation for a design that will be release soon. Very soon. You could probably figure out which one, if you happened to check Ravelry… But I can’t show pictures yet. (soon though, very soon!)

I want to make felted boots. I can’t decide on a color. I asked Twitter and Facebook – and so far the colors are tied. It’s not helping. (Cobalt blue, cranberry red, charcoal grey – which do you think is best?)


2 responses to “Frustrated

  1. Sometimes a little shawl is the best mental health activity I can hope for. I cast on for the Traveling Woman shawl last night after becoming completely fed up with a skein of yarn I dyed that magically tangled itself up in the dye pot and then one of my cats got to it. Keep breathing, and keep knitting!

    I’d say red for the slippers. Nice and warm, and it’s my favorite color.

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