one lump or two?

It’s been cold and rainy all week, the kind of weather that just makes me want to watch the fire in our stove, knit, and drink tea.

fat toad farm caramel, you should really try some!

And judging by the comments I’ve seen from other knitters, it’s not just me. But I know the “fall back” to standard time will make this urge even stronger for me. I plan to do plenty of knitting and watching the fire this weekend, although I suspect there will be some stacking of firewood and putting in of storm windows as well.


2 responses to “one lump or two?

  1. Vanilla caramel sounds good….what do you use it on? I’m not big on ice cream and that’s the only thing I can think of for it. I looked at Fat Toad Farm’s website and all the caramels sound tasty.

    • I use it on anything and everything I can think of including just eating it by the spoonful. But my favorite way (other then in a spoon) to eat it is mixed into my tea. It’s a little bit like making chai, but way easier. I also eat it on apples or any fruit, mixed into yogurt, as a topping on lots of other desserts (pies, angel food cake, etc) It doesn’t last very long in my house!

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