Stick Season

In Vermont we have two stick seasons, one in the spring after the snow melts and before the leaves come in. And the reverse in the fall once the leaves drop and the plants die. We’re solidly in stick season now.

stick season

And to make matters worse, it’s been colder then usual, and cloudy. So yesterday, when the sun poked its watery rays through the clouds I dropped what I was doing (literally, I was half way through seaming a sweater) and went outside. I finished up my yard work for the season while enjoying the late afternoon sun. It was somehow more solemn given the shift to standard time made it dark even earlier then the weekend before.

I finally dug my gladiolus corms. They’re drying now behind the woodstove and then I’ll stash them behind the potatoes until next spring. It must’ve been a good summer for glads, almost all the bulbs split into two while the few that didn’t are almost as big as my fist. I even had a few that split to THREE. Next year I’ll need to find a bigger garden space to fit them all! I also pruned back the ancient sea rose bushes on the west edge of my front yard. There are three main bushes, and this year they combined to make a hedge the size of a VW bus. Pruning them back involves a saw, not a pair of pruners. At least this year I downgraded to a hand saw. The first year we lived in this house Neil pruned them back with a chainsaw…


One response to “Stick Season

  1. Stick season, that really does describe it perfectly.

    We too are in stick season.

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