look ma, no eyes!

I was tweeting last night about knitting in the dark. With the sudden switch to standard time the sunset is now at 4:30. My bus arrives at 4:35 and so I’m suddenly knitting in the dark on the way home.


Yes I actually took a picture. In real life I can see the outline of my hands and knitting needles, but apparently the camera couldn’t catch that. I knit color work in the dark for an hour last night. Knitting in the dark is tricky, there’s a lot to watch out for.* I knit along feeling for any changes, splitting the yarn, putting the needles between stitches instead of through them, knitting two together by accident. Knitting in the dark is all knitting by touch, basically I just know what a correctly knit stitch feels like, and feel for anything that’s not right. I have lots of practice, after all this isn’t my first winter on the bus. I can work knit and purl stitches easily, and color work isn’t too hard either as long as I know which yarn is in which place. But decreases, cables, lace, pretty much anything that requires alternative manipulation, is right out at least until I find my mini flashlight.

The color work came out really well though! And I’m making surprising progress on my green and purple sweater. I’m through the yoke and into the turned collar. This is a Norah Gaughan pattern and as you could expect it’s really well written. I discovered this morning though, there’s no shoulder shaping at all. In the photos it looks like they’ve got the turned collar higher in the back then in the front. This seems like a great alternative which allows the yoke to be kept simple, brilliant!

lime pop right side

The yoke of Orange Pop is an example of fair isle color work where the right side shows the purl stitch stranding. I think this is way easier to do poorly then well, and the designer has done great with this pattern. I really like the little purl ridges above the color work, the little nubs of color can mix in so many unique ways, kinda like my Catamount sweater actually! And I really like the way the two shades of green and two shades of purple play off each other.

lime pop wrong side

The inside is pretty fun too.

*even that phrase is wrong, I’m not watching for anything in the dark…


2 responses to “look ma, no eyes!

  1. Loving the colors in your sweater. Good choices; I remember your dilemma with the original green and purple you chose. Sometimes throwing in more colors is the way to go. I do like the look of the floats on the outside of the sweater; very interesting.

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