Handspun Elisa

I finished this sweater several days ago and blocked it right away. Since then I’ve been trying to find some daylight for taking pictures.


I’m very proud of this sweater, it’s the most from-scratch sweater I’ve ever made. I dyed the brown corridale, blended it into batts with the green BFL, white merino, and golden silk. I spun all those batts up into about 1100 yards of worsted weight 2-ply, and I knit it up.


That’s a lot of work, but I think this sweater was worth it! This is the first cowl-neck sweater I’ve made (pattern Elisa by Allison Green Will, that’s a ravelry link, sorry!) and I really like it. Wearing this sweater is like wearing a hug: warm, soft, and comforting. Although the pattern recommends positive ease I made the 37″ size and blocked it longer and narrower so it’s just 36″ at the bust giving me zero ease. I also tapered the sleeves more then the pattern described to keep them fitted and out of the way. These are the only two changes though, which is pretty good considering how many changes I tend to make to every pattern! It’s very well written and I think it was pretty quick to knit up too. My biggest holdup was, of course, that I kept running out of yarn and had to spin more.


The last 100 yards were actually spun on my drop spindle, 40 at a time, as I didn’t want to spin up extra and not know what to do with it. I can tell you now, that I spin a much loftier, lighter woolen yarn with the drop spindle then on my wheel. I was worried the texture of those last 100 yards would be different enough to look funny, but the whole thing blocked beautifully and I don’t think the difference is visible, even to me.


I like the simple thistle lace pattern in the cuffs, hem, and collar. I think it adds interest without being too distracting. I was right in choosing a very simple pattern to show off the texture of my handspun yarn, I think anything more complex would have gotten lost in the yarn variations. That being said the final fabric is a lot more uniform then I would have guessed from the original batts. And even more uniform then I believed it would be given the slubby, thick and thin, nature of my handspun. I’m really really proud of the way this sweater came out.



4 responses to “Handspun Elisa

  1. Hooray! Hooray! I am proud of you, too! That is quite an accomplishment: to dye, card, spin and knit such a lovely sweater. Kudos to you!

  2. Beautiful sweater and a lot of work involved! I bought lots of roving years ago thinking to spin and knit a sweater….most of it is still in a bag in my craft room.

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