over estimating

I just created a list of things I want to do this weekend:


  • finish second boot, felt
  • finish first sock in progress
  • work on shawl
  • knit a gift hat
  • knit several toys (I always underestimate how long toys take)
  • spin yarn for design in pogress
  • start knitting a mockup version of same design in commercial yarn
  • finish grading clover sweater pattern


  • sweedish coffee bread
  • beer grain bread
  • two pumpkin breads (pumpkin already roasted)
  • apple bread
  • strawberry rhubarb pie
  • pumpkin pie

I’m pretty sure I can get all that baking done in a day, so long as I manage my time properly – get the yeast breads rising first, get the quick breads in and out of the oven quickly. Make the pies, um, somewhere in between? That being said, I don’t think I could get all that knitting done even if I did nothing else all weekend. And you’ll notice I, once again, haven’t left any space for sleep, house cleaning, playing with the dogs, spending quality time with my husband, or going to see the Harry Potter movie.  And those are (almost, except for the cleaning) all things I want to do! It’s a clear case of expectations and reality not lining up…


3 responses to “over estimating

  1. Wow. Your weekends look like mine do. May the force be with you.

  2. reality is highly overrated. Unfortunately it’s also reality.

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