I think someone loosed some gremlins on the system today. It’s not just computers either, although so much of my work is computer based that’s where I see their effects the most!

Yesterday I spent the WHOLE DAY on the couch reading Hunger Games and knitting. I’m about 75% of the way through the book (and through the new hat I’m knitting too) and it turns out I don’t really want to do anything else until I finish. And yet the real world demands I do.

The day before I baked and baked. I made a pumpkin coffee bread and some sweet rolls out of the same dough. I also made a heavily spiced pumpkin quick bread and some muffins out of that same batter. I made a yeast-based beer bread too. Then I had to stop because I was all out of sugar. By the time I’d gotten more sugar the momentum was broken. I’ll make pies on Wednesday instead. In between, while things were baking and/or rising I did find time to work on a sweater, a stranded color work sock, a lace shawl, and a handspun beret. I didn’t leave the house much this weekend though. I can be very productive when I don’t have to spend time traveling.

But no pictures, because of the gremlins.

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