I won’t be online for the next few days. Thanksgiving is a time for me to visit with my whole, huge, extended family. No, really, we’re expecting around 50 people for dinner on Thursday – luckily we have our feast at a neutral location!

In the mean time, I’ll leave you a little present:


This yarn is hand spun by me and leftover from my Asters hat pattern. 128 yards of heavy worsted 2 ply yarn, enough for most hat patterns. The fiber is September Pastures, a 58% dorset lambswool, 36% mohair, 6% alpaca blend from Mountain Fiber Folk.

To win this yarn, and a copy of my Asters pattern, just leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite winter hat. Make sure the e-mail address you leave when posting is a good one, that’s how I’ll contact the winner. I’ll draw a winner using a random number generator Monday 11/29 at noon EST so you have until then to enter. One entry each, please play nice!

Happy Thanksgiving!


15 responses to “Thanksgiving

  1. I love a good ear-flap hat. I have been thinking of designing/knitting one that wrapped the flap around the neck more than just two flaps for ears. I have short hair and my poor neck gets cold. The one I wear most often is a bit oversized and comes down far on my head. Super snuggly.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My favourite winter hat is my hand knitted beanie. It’s got a bit of knit, a bit of purl and a few wee cables to keep it interesting. It fits everyone from a child to an adult, and it’s quick to make. When I add a bit of variation in the colour, and it’s also one to suit everybody. I need to make a few more for the winter next year!

  3. My favorite winter hat is whichever one I last knit. (Love to knit hats!)
    Mine usually have a pointed top – there’s just something about a pointy hat…

  4. Oooh, pretty! My favourite is probably the floppy, bobble-covered wool tam I knit several winters ago. It’s big enough I can tuck all my hair up in it, pull it down over my ears, and it still looks cute! I’m also really proud of the “sock monkey” earflap hat that I knit for a friend once :D

  5. I like beret type hats b/c they look best on me. A snug cap seems warmer, though! And earflaps are critical if it is really cold – to heck with fashion ;-)

  6. I like hats that aren’t too tight so my hair doesn’t get squished into a helmet shape. Also, ribbed edging and a pom-pom! I’ll never be too old for a hat with a pom-pom.

  7. Big, roomy, spacious and warm. That’s the perfect winter hat.

  8. Battling the winter chill is easier with the help the right hat. A soft slouchy one is next on my ‘to knit’ list, but until then I don’t go anywhere without the gray beanie I got for my birthday. It has pink hearts around the edge. A little bit of subtle color is essential for a cheery lid.

  9. My favorite hat is a super-soft black rolled brim that has seen better days. I’ve been resisting replacing it for a while now. Hapy Thanksgiving!

  10. I can’t say I have a favorite hat yet but I’d love to give your’s a try!

  11. My favorite hat is also the last one I made, but that seems like cheating picking the same answer :) so I’ll say my Orvokki – I love orange and blue together.

  12. My favourite winter hat (which I’m wearing right now) is actually my fiancé’s. It was the second thing I crocheted, and my first hat, a dark blue mess of Donegal wool. Himself decided that it needed bear ears, so that was the third thing I crocheted. I’ve made nicer, neater and more complicated hats since, but this is the warmest and the one we’re most fond of.

  13. The handspun is lovely! My surprise favourite hat is a cowl a friend knitted for me. I pull it up over my head, and there’s plenty of room for my hair to come out the back, but it keeps the back of my neck and the top of my head warm. As I’ve never been a real fan of cowls, I’d never worn one before. I might have to make more, just to wear as hats.

  14. My favourite winter hat is the one I have yet to make. It will be something warm, fuzzy, and girly with just enough coverage to keep my ears protected. I’ve been knitting for many years, but am only now venturing into projects outside knit/purl patterns and simple scarves, so maybe this year I will finally take on the task of making my dream hat! Maybe even a matching pair of gloves too! No sense in keeping my neck warm and leaving my ears and hands out in the cold! :)


  15. My favourite hat right now is knit from a blend of camel and merino wool. It is soft and really, really warm. The pattern is called ‘Quincy’ and can be found on ravelry. The hat is so cosy, I made another one for my husband. The design is funky and absolutely suitable for a man or a woman.

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