The random number generator says that the 7th response to my free yarn drawing wins! That’s Conor, so Congratulations Conor! I’ve sent you an e-mail!

I got a lot of fun comments about hats. I’m surprised by the number of ear-flap hat fans, given that there really don’t seem to be that many ear flap patterns available. And I’m in good company when I say my favorite hat usually is the one I just finished knitting. Today that would be my new Brattleboro hat:

brattleboro front

The pattern is in the New England Knits book, but also in IK Fall 2010, which is where I found it. I made the crown about an inch longer then the pattern called for. This is because, like several other commenters, I really like a winter hat to fully cover my ears.

Of course not everyone chose their newest hat. And those people who didn’t frequently mentioned one of their oldest, even if it’s not perfectly done, or not even hand knit.

Whatever your favorite winter hat is, it’s certainly hat season – at least in the northern hemisphere. So yay for hats!

brattleboro back

2 responses to “Hats!

  1. Great hat! And purple! (I’m always a sucker for purple…)
    My husband’s favorite hat is an earflap one I knit for him using a pattern in Charlene Schurch’s “Hat’s On!”
    Now I want to go cast on another hat…

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