While I was offline for Thanksgiving Three Irish Girls put up their winter lookbook. It’s a beautiful book of their new colorways and patterns – and I have a pattern in there! My Aperture Knee Socks pattern is available for purchase through their website.


Of course you can also see details and add it to your queue on Ravelry.

Inspired by the swirling filigrees found in Art Deco designs, Aperture features twisting stitches that spiral in opposite directions. A plain stockinette sole and calf shaping ensure these socks feel as amazing as they look.

I want to note that the lace portions of these socks have significant stretch (and are meant to be worn with negative ease) Pick a size based on your stockinette gauge and the size of your foot. For instance, I seem to have much bigger calves then the model leg they used in some shots, and the socks stretch to fit us both

flynn cute

The pattern includes specific directions for working the short row toe and heel as well as the picot cuff. The cuff is turned and sewn inside which creates a perfect little place at the top where you could hide some elastic to help keep the socks from drooping. That said the stretchiness of the lace, along with increase below the calf and decreases above, all combine to keep the socks from being droopy even on their own.

faux seam

These socks are the project which, way back in September, I estimated to have approximately 4398 ssk maneuvers. And yes, that means about 4398 k2tog’s as well since each sock spirals in a different direction. I overcame the desire to stab my eyes out with my DPNs (which would have been deadly, since I was working with signature stiletto tipped US 1’s) with a handy trick I thought I’d share. On the work even rows, there’s one between each set of decreases, I wrapped the yarn in the opposite direction as I knit. This means all those stitches were essentially sitting backwards on the needle. In other words, already in the orientation that the “slip, slip” part of a ssk sets up. So then, I just had to knit them together through the back loop on my decrease rounds, not having to work all those extra “slip, slips” probably saved me hours of time! I did this for the stitches on the top of the foot, and all the stitches except the faux seam in the leg, and I highly recommend the technique!


One response to “Aperture

  1. Pretty socks!!
    I can see where the ssk’s would have driven you round the bend. Thanks for the tip!

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