October light

In the last two days I’ve read the entirety of Mockingjay, and I’ve read the whole Hunger Games trilogy in about 3 weeks flat. I’m generally a slow reader, so that’s stupidly fast for me, and I’m feeling a bit emotionally drained. It was a VERY good series, I can tell because I put down my knitting to read faster. And I think the ending was very well done, not all of it was likeable, but it seemed realistic and connected and pertinent to our times and good for making you think about things, and still fun although the humor is mostly dark, and bits of it connected to my life in unexpected ways that mean the whole thing is going to take some time to settle inside me.

So lets just have a nice, finished shawl to smooth the day over, shall we?


Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnson.


I love her patterns, she’s on the list of designers I seriously admire (you know, as opposed to frivolously admiring)


The yarn is from Autumn House Farm. They had a lovely booth at Rhinebeck. I love buying farm yarns at festivals, the kinds of yarn you couldn’t find anywhere else (except online, of course). The colorway is Moorstalker and the skein said it was 400 yards of fingering. I’d have to say this is a little lighter then fingering, although maybe heavier then true lace weight. Yarns should all be measured in WPI if you ask me.


I have less then 50 yards leftover, but since the pattern says the size small requires 440 yards I’m counting myself lucky. It’s quite possible there were more then 400 yards in the skein to start with though. Most yarns are measured primarily by weight, and this one was both thinner then other fingering yarns and more airy. It’s another shetland yarn, I’m finding I really love shetland fibers.



2 responses to “October light

  1. Lovely!
    And there’s something wonderful about shawl photos with grazing sheep in the background…

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