Random Friday

1) Last night I fixed the horrible grinding noise coming from the pump in the dishwasher. Turns out dog hair is bad for the gears.

2) Knit night tonight! I’m very excited, although I may be spinning not knitting.

3) My newest jar of peanut butter is white chocolate and peanuts. It’s seriously good.

4) Calley brought 2nds of caramel (jars didn’t seal) with her last night, and I FORGOT to bring one home. I’m more then a little sad about that.

5) I have about 5 design ideas I want to work up RIGHT NOW. But my weekends keep filling up with other things, and I have this thing called a day job the rest of the time.

6) Speaking of weekends. Neil and I are painting the living room this weekend! This will involve priming over wall paper. And also two walls that are two stories tall. Hopefully we can get it all done in a weekend.

7) I really want a christmas tree now. I really don’t think I should get one until after the room is painted.

8) I’m either making gifts or christmas shopping on Etsy this year. It makes me happy. I’m very lucky my large family goes for the secret santa form of gifting so we don’t all have to buy tons of stuff.


One response to “Random Friday

  1. Yeah, those day jobs really cut into our knitting time, eh?

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