Home sweet home

Neil and I bought our house in the beginning of December 2007. While the house had nothing that absolutely NEEDED to be done, like almost all new homeowners we had a list of things we wanted to change, improve, make different. Some, such as installing tankless hot water, turned out to be unnecessary (already had tankless, not sure how I missed that bit) Others, like taking down the pine trees, we did within months. Still other projects are as yet unfinished (pouring the concrete floor in the basement comes to mind)

Painting has been an ongoing project for us. The house had been built like an old-fashioned farmhouse and then rented out for some time. Thus the walls were either white or covered in ridiculous floral wallpaper. We like brightly colored walls. Our bedroom is now meadow green and the downstairs bathroom is brick red. The kitchen has crazy sunflower cabinets. But for 3 years now our living room has been floral.

Saturday we changed that! We masked off all the trim, saving the stair well for last. I got to go up the 2 story ladder into the heights of the stairwell with the masking tape, and a bucket of paint. I masked and painted the edges all at once so we could be done with the ladder once and for all:


Also, that’s a great shot of the crazy floral-ness…

Then we painted. And painted. and edged and painted around trim, and did some detail work, and painted some more. It could have been worse. I was afraid we’d have to use seprate primer and paint. But the guy at the hardware store was sure the combo stuff would stick to the wallpapers. What’s more, he assured us we’d only need 2 coats of the lighter color!


And he was right!!! I can not explain how happy it made me, not to have to paint several coats on all these walls. Even subtracting the double dutch doors, arch into the kitchen, 4 windows, and one very large built in bookshelf we still have 500 square feet of wall in this room. We painted two walls sunny yellow:


And two walls terra cotta orange:


The official color names are “sophie’s quilt” and “pomegranate tea” which makes me think paint color names are almost as crazy as yarn color names. But it doesn’t matter. I love my new living room no matter what the color names are!



4 responses to “Home sweet home

  1. Oh, it looks so lovely! The walls are so fresh and clean-looking now :)

  2. The warm colors really make the room look cozy. You’ll really appreciate that as winter drags on and on!

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