A snow day

Monday the snow started to come down, and by that evening the roads were so slick that my car (with the summer tires) couldn’t make it up the hill to my house. Luckily my town has a little parking lot in the village for those of us who live on the hill but can’t make it home. Tuesday morning, we had instant winter:


Neil and I shoveled out my car and we got it onto the road, only to realize there was no way I could make it all the way to the bus stop. So Neil took me home again, and I settled in for a snow day.

Well, settled isn’t quite the right word. First I paced anxiously while I tried to figure out how I could get to Jay Peak for a ski day. But short of standing on the side of the road with my gear and my thumb out (which probably would have worked, this is VT after all!) I had nothing. So then I settled in. I ripped out and re-knit a hat band which I’d done incorrectly the night before. I finished a sweater – and then discovered I need to rip out the collar and re-knit it too. So I moved back to the hat. Just as I realized the stripes weren’t coming out* they way I wanted a friend showed up with a loaf of bread and two pairs of snowshoes.

I put some chicken soup on the stove and we went out into the white, wintry world. I picked a trail through the nearby sugar bush and we walked, saw birds, examined tracks and tap lines, and enjoyed the fresh air. We earned our mugs of hot chocolate and some more knitting time for later in the day. It was really an excellent way to spend the day, and by Tuesday evening the roads had been treated and my car made it home. Still, I really should get some snow tires…

If you were snowed in tomorrow, how would you spend the day?
At Twist Collective they ask a contributor question with each issue, and this was the question for their winter issue. I thought the responses showed which contributors actually had snow days in their region vs. those who lived somewhere warm that didn’t experience a lot of days off due to frozen precipitation.

*I really don’t want to count the number of times I’ve screwed up knitting one of my own designs this week…


One response to “A snow day

  1. Oh, knitting, definitely!
    That, and catching up on my blog reading. I’m down to 900 posts behind…

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